2 avoid fine coarse unified oil painting reproductions collection. Some preservation fans at the booth in taobao, see his love, the particular, not seen collection is rushed to buy, some equipment can tell at a glance is a contemporary replicas, but feel the shape of bad, is itself with the only preserve old mug "such online", meanness, a canvas for fast! Indeed, large minority contemporary replicas are close, extremely is work equipment, is neither art, nor appreciation space, roots does not have meaning. And summarizing ignorance of the preceding "collection of simple make handyman" collection "and" keeper ": collection of paintings is not futile, no classification, lack of subject, lack of the stomach. The meaning of this kind of collection method, obtained the preservation and fun.

One avoid is "leak" are picking up. A proportionate part of preservation lover when the antique street, all have the mindset of "rule", because the collection of the booth in variety, too many things to see, say stop painting which is treasures, "there will be grass, within ten step within ten room there will be a handsome gentleman". But often a shopping street, although there is no lack of "herbs handsome gentleman"; And sellers find more undiscovered talent, a lot of people are left winger. In this type of cracks to "rule", the probability of victory can have many tall? Especially with the rapid development of oil painting the collection business, the present nearly all hide "" Oriental, the rule of probability is smaller. Therefore, fans during a shopping street taobao, don't rush "leak" away, "leak" tao, otherwise, a vile tuition is simple.

To taobao, antique street is much canvas preservation lovers often do one thing. Spare the to walk on the street, to find a few pieces of itself hateful collection, the excited beyond words. But as a collector, the booth in taobao, also want to know some "stands for".

3 avoid believing "story". Some vendor for bidding for the custom oil painting collection, the oil painting will often make up some ups and downs of novel story to "fool" taobao. As so-and-so collection is on the stand to vendor during the qing dynasty palace eunuch grandfather as a reward, so-and-so collection building highways is decades ago when a move digg entered from the fur jacket, such as class. The goal is to give some items to cover a layer of attractive light oil ring before into the "value", the issue of its principal and interest of "identity". The reason of finance and economics discipline section singular, to be alive, made one integrated mass, often with taobao, heavily buy, all of the vendor. When therefore, taobao shopping street, according to common sense, eyesight to go to the oil painting, don't listen to "story", not to mention for the uneven fell. Novel story again, but it will depends on the collection!

4 avoid "exposure". On rugs on taobao, don't wanton comments on a particular items, very unfavorable to judge a collection of authenticity. If see the collection of paintings to make taobao, also don't had as much as possible, I do not buy is. To vendor jie bottom, not only broke the vendor's business, also simple hot tang dynasty. In fact, the collection of the booth in ort is silk worm is false, good and evil people mixed up, taobao shopping stand, play is equal to the heart!

5 avoid don't understand, "while" oil painting. Waves of three hundred hand painted oil painting and sixty lines, line has a "board". Early around antique street, also want to control some "guild regulations". Such as not "intersection", two simple and honest in the trade in some pieces ZongBeng, taobao is unfavorable "ends inserted a order", robbed the stranger's business. If also want to buy the works of oil painting, have to wait to unilaterally not settled, to deal with the buyer. Compartments talk about somebody else that is, the way you bite king cheng, it was called "eat uncooked rice", the light is interested, or fist. Inquiries to buyers like again, when taobao something origin and price of the oil painting collection, don't hand in his paintings with the feet easily asked playing collection. This kind of arrogant, is the collection of the arrogant, is for the seller's bully, at the same time, continues to collect industry not deferential. Therefore, shopping street, often want to know some more about "guild regulations", polite, courteous, rational, no benefit to a shopping street. Indeed, taobao shopping stand, now and then can see that is the preservation of oil painting's overall quality and tout.

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