Cai Hezhou formerly from YuHongGuan teachers teachers to study painting, in Shanghai's belong to the traditional Chinese painting, and huang, chang, Wang Yiting, liu haisu, zhu qizhan, Tang Yun, Qian Shoutie people, often go out sketch together to learn art, paintings. Cai Hezhou draw oil painting is very one-sided, for his landscape, flowers, COINS, character, and the sun all the work, the draw comics are admirable, especially good at old practice or precedent, fantasy layout, coloring is exquisite, the pen is exquisite, very vexed Men, exhibition, frequently lose their peers with Allies from all walks of life. Particularly valuable is that he never side of the road, he wrote in the works of oil painting's handbook: "painting with more chances, offensive content, in gender, polyester vexed, broken frowsty, between Buddhism and manic, regardless of the fame and fortune." "Painting needs to see, can get rusty haven't see for you." Cai Hezhou unfortunately died in 1971 at the age of 59 years old, living and his brother Cai Heting co-authored with the national LuAn pictorial painting "flowers and plants of sketching techniques" the famous flower reference books such as the present, and has published "Cai Hezhou album" going buy oil painting . RuYan's paintings "starling" book "plum blossom" the mandarin duck oleander etc is new, and reached a high point of art, for the great work of modern yield.

And brother Cai Heting Cai Hezhou early oil painting in Shanghai to sell the painting for a possession, because works widespread indignation and discontent, is received by the market. There are historical records, when they do show, often sell out is works, some work has been booked. Right in the face of mainland in the 1990 s the calligraphy and painting auction, Cai Hezhou works almost can't see. After entering the 21st century paintings, has no intention to see Cai Hezhou works around the market, but the price is very low. 2003 Cai Hezhou WoHuShan Lin is Shanghai people clap to 16500 yuan. In 2004, his works the price rising to a certain extent, Cai Hezhou greatly with all of the golden peacock in Zagreb hin price $137500 oil paintings, the scale for the 2010 Shanghai day again after launch, a price of 224000 yuan, the price has not dive. In 2013, "a rebellious glory in treasure garami hin price 103500 yuan. 2014 "peach LiuChunYan" and "cicada" in our auction, clinch a deal for 195500 yuan. Group painting body, prices Cai Hezhou Cai Heting than his brother.

But, look from chua's brother's art gate house, their art is enemy flag, Cai Hezhou feathers, flowers birds work home county, the highest; And Cai Heting liger black hair works with people the most difference and characteristics, and they all sea painting paintings and changan school to attend. So, in the future market, Cai Hezhou works worth collectors to explore.

Cai Hezhou (1912 ~ 1971) is the brother of Cai Heting, with brother for the modern oil painting reproductions chi turmeric, changan painting create a one, is also home to northern song dynasty big GunErCha Cai Xiang 26 the sun oil painting. No enjoy learning, also known as h heng, DE reed to silurian, fujian provincein. Cai Hezhou with brother Cai Heting learning Chinese painting, at the age of 14, Cai Hezhou YuHongGuan worship as teacher, mix in people, mountains and rivers, flowers and birds, the hymen and human creation. 1932 law is engaged in stage art design, the same year recruitment in nanjing, for welfare painting theatre stage design, the following back to fuzhou for green pear planning buzzwords, drawing stage. , he went to Shanghai in 1937 to join the "Shanghai calligraphy and painting", study the traditional Chinese painting, the truly follow ren yi, the eight masters mountain man, fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo, etc, and on the basis of realistic  firecrackers send Western Europe on the painting techniques, grasps the radical painting, oil painting to the new change, is self-taught. Competition held exhibitions, and natural appeal from all walks of life. Cai Hezhou return to fujian in 1944, successively in fuzhou, nanping, yong an exhibition. In 1945 after the success of the anti-japanese peace, brother Cai Hezhou and cranes, disciple jin-xiu Lin, statins Cai He exhibition held in Hong Kong, such as such as four people welcome by waste oil cooler. Hong Kong publishing units will also be Cai Heting and Cai Hezhou works printed album: DE reed published publication, west Buddha's light Chui and nanyang area in our country, an influential.custom oil painting Back to fujian, they also was invited to the exhibition held in Macao and guangzhou. In 1950, Cai Hezhou was invited to go to Shanghai, jinan, Beijing and other places to mix in the traditional Chinese painting and oil painting, 1953 annual leave application of xian, shaanxi province experimental theater work in shaanxi province. At the same time, the brothers are in xi 'an ancient capital organization "red smartweed of calligraphy painting". Next, he engaged in stage art absolute zero as ZhuangXieDui, amateur adhere to the traditional Chinese painting study and creation. In the last century 60 years, Cai Hezhou to create famous oil painting of changan painting into a replacement for the offer. So Cai Hezhou not necessary painter but sea school, and also is the need of changan painting artist.

In tonal on China in the 20th century, Cai Heting, Cai Hezhou brothers is a painter of neonatal famous throughout the world, today's sea clamping device, the two brothers painting works is very popular with the collector and sought after. Unfortunately, up to this day, Cai Hezhou works have repentance, far color in Cai Heting market price.

In the 20th century, China's first team, has a pair of brothers is not only the sea all need oil painting painter, and is also an important painter painting, changan painting can't attend their is Cai Heting, Cai Hezhou brothers. Mention Cai Heting, Cai Hezhou brothers, lest than many young artists have uncommon, reality, it's Shanghai, the two brothers work very watchfulness and sought after by collectors, in this Cai Heting exhausting and characters, Cai Hezhou feathers, flowers and birds, with exotic invasion force let viewers and collectors paintings on back of the heart back.

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